Michael S. Palazzolo, The 1-800 Phone King

Michael S. Palazzolo, the founder of the 1-800 Phone King Network, has had a distinguished career in the services industry in Southeast Michigan. He opened an air duct cleaning company in Michigan in 1969 and built it into the largest firm of its kind in the Midwest. Along the way he leased the use of a vanity phone number, 1-800-AIRDUCT, to support his business and made the number the center of his print, radio, TV and web advertising. The effect on sales over time was dramatic and when his son took over running of the air duct cleaning business in 2009, Mike turned his focus full time to marketing and providing phone numbers for businesses. He now leases and sells the rights of these numbers (toll-free 800 numbers that spell something) featured on this website throughout the US and Canada. Mike’s experience using such a number has been so successful that he has a compelling story to tell others.

1-800-AIRDUCT sign on building

Providing Phone Numbers for Business

Mike and his partners specialize in providing phone numbers for business by buying and leasing vanity phone numbers. They have built several significant networks of businesses that lease the 800 numbers. In addition to helping businesses get a 800 number, Mike offers each member of these networks the services of an on-staff graphic designer, at no charge, to help them advertise their toll-free number and build their brand.

The image at right shows the 800 number on Mike’s headquarters building in SE Michigan.