What services does 1-800-PhoneKing, LLC provide?
A. First and foremost, we provide your business with a low cost, memorable 1-800 toll-free number that S-P-E-L-L-S out what you do. With state of the art call routing technology all call within your exclusive territory are routed right to your business, seamlessly. You select your exclusive territory based on the area codes from which you wish to receive calls.

We also provide you with a secure login to access real time reporting of all calls you are receiving from your exclusive territory, so you can track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

How do I know I have exclusivity in my selected territories?
A. The routing technology we use requires it. Calls from the area codes within your territory can only be routed to one phone number.

How to get a 800 number connected with my phone company and phone system?
A. You do not need to make any changes; the routing is seamless and invisible to the caller. The consumer dials your number in response to your ad, the call rings directly to your business.

I have multiple locations; can I license more than one territory?
A. You can license all available territories for each location, there is no limit.

Some vanity numbers have more than 7 letters, is that a problem?
A. When a caller dials a phone number only the first seven digits are recognized by the automatic routing systems. Any additional dialed numbers are ignored. This means you will still receive all the calls dialed from phones that have your area codes even if your vanity number has more than seven letters.

Can I learn how to get a 800 number into all of my advertising and branding?
A. Yes! In fact we encourage it. Use the power of your toll-free vanity number to its fullest potential. All advertising in which you place your vanity number will become more effective than it would have been without it because the number is so easy to recall. Incorporate your vanity number into all current advertising such as yellow pages ads, radio and television spots, newspaper and magazine ads, coupon books, direct mail flyers, bus benches, billboards, etc.

How long will it take to see results from my vanity phone number?
A. Once you have included your toll-free vanity number into your current advertising and marketing efforts results should be immediate. The power of your toll-free vanity number within your exclusive territory is fully available to you as soon as you acquire the number. The more you advertise it the more results you will achieve.

How long is my agreement? Can I be cancelled or lose the number?
A. You license agreement can never be cancelled by the 1-800-PhoneKing, LLC, except for non-payment. Your agreement auto-renews every month unless you choose to cancel it.